About Alan Hoffman, Principal, Center for Advanced Urban Visioning

Alan Hoffman is an MIT-trained advisor on regional planning, strategy, and policy. He has consulted on transportation planning all over the world and has been a keynote speaker at major international conferences. He is especially noted for his focus on using market research to inform the planning process, and for developing innovative regional transit plans that significantly outperform traditional plans. He is also the co-author of Pricing Roads, Advancing Equity, a toolkit on using tolling to improve equity in the transportation system.

Need to Improve Your Transportation Plans? Try Inverting the Order of Planning

Advanced Urban Visioning offers a powerful tool for regions that are serious about achieving a major transformation in their sustainability and resilience. By clarifying what optimal transportation networks look like for a region, it can give planners and the public a better idea of what is possible. It inverts the traditional order of planning, ensuring that each mode can make the greatest possible contribution toward achieving future goals.

Advanced Urban Visioning doesn’t conflict with government-required planning processes; it precedes them. For example, the AUV process may identify the need for specialized infrastructure in a corridor, while the Alternatives Analysis process can now be used to determine the time-frame where such infrastructure becomes necessary given its role in a network.