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Meeting of the Minds brings together urban sustainability and technology leaders to share knowledge and build lasting alliances. They foster person-to-person and city-to-city learning through a variety of digital and in-person events. More information is at MeetingoftheMinds.org.

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Meeting of the Minds is an international thought leadership network and platform for knowledge-exchange based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We bring together urban sustainability and technology leaders to share best practices and build lasting alliances. Our strategy centers around fostering person-to-person and city-to-city learning by spotlighting projects and practitioners working on urban solutions through digital and in-person events. These include workshops, roundtables, meetups, annual summit, print magazine, monthly webinars, blog, online courses and event archives.

Each fall, Meeting of the Minds brings together 400+ opinion-shapers, policy-makers, leading thinkers and innovators from every sector for its annual summit. The  is two-plus days of intensive exchange for leaders creating more sustainable cities using smarter design tools, sounder environmental practices, and cleaner energy systems. Among the thousands of international leaders who have participated in the Meeting of the Minds annual summit are innovators scaling-up practical urban solutions in infrastructure, policy, design, equity, technology, energy, mobility, water, finance, and more.

At Meeting of the Minds, leaders from multiple sectors and diverse geographies share ideas and work together to shape a common agenda.

Event Descriptions

Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit 2020
February 19-21, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Event URL: http://events.meetingoftheminds.org/motm2020

Each year, 425+ urban practitioners convene at the Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit to showcase recent successes and to discuss the ongoing challenges facing the future of smart and sustainable cities. What sets this event apart from others is the inimitable list of speakers and attendees — city leaders, innovators, providers, and practitioners from across sectors and silos who meet at this unique event to share best practices, lessons learned, and new solutions for a sustainable urban future.

Attending the Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit is a one-stop opportunity for thought leaders seeking cross-disciplinary strategies and partnerships that deliver scalable, transferable, and equitable solutions for cities and regions. We encourage you to join this cross-sectoral group of VIPs from city agencies, transportation authorities, economic development agencies, utilities, corporations, start-ups, foundations, universities, and non-profits.

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