Meeting of the Minds is a non-profit that spotlights innovations in smart and sustainable cities.

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April 18 via GoToWebinar

Does Online Shopping Create Urban Congestion?

What are the impacts on energy, materials, waste, and other supply chain aspects of this shift toward smaller but more frequent goods deliveries?

May 23 in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Conversations

A series of conversations designed to provoke a dynamic discussion about the future of the greater Cleveland-Akron-Columbus region and to pinpoint key strategies that will help catalyze the area’s innovation, mobility, and sustainability agendas.

June 14 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor Mobility Summit

A one-day summit focused on mobility and smart cities, especially in the Detroit-Ann Arbor corridor.

November 27-29 in Sacramento, California

Annual Summit

November 27-29 in Sacramento, CA The Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit, featuring over 90 speakers and two+ days of thought leadership on urban sustainability, connected technology, social equity, and innovation.

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Intelligent Urban Watersheds

Intelligent Urban Watersheds

Over the last few decades, hydraulic and hydrologic modelers have dramatically increased our understanding of urban watersheds; namely the built wastewater and stormwater infrastructure within their respective urban environments. These models have been manually tuned...

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