The Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit 2018

November 27-29 in Sacramento, CA

North America’s premier event on smart and sustainable cities.

Event informationWhat is Meeting of the Minds?

May 16 via GoToWebinar

Emerging Urban Mobility Solutions from Michigan

Hear from three of the leading voices in Ann Arbor, including two of the most innovative start-ups, on how the region is carving out a global position in the mobility game.

May 23 in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Conversations

A series of conversations designed to provoke a dynamic discussion about the future of the greater Cleveland-Akron-Columbus region and to pinpoint key strategies that will help catalyze the area’s innovation, mobility, and sustainability agendas.

June 14 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor Mobility Summit

A one-day summit focused on mobility and smart cities, especially in the Detroit-Ann Arbor corridor.

November 27-29 in Sacramento, California

Annual Summit

November 27-29 in Sacramento, CA The Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit, featuring over 90 speakers and two+ days of thought leadership on urban sustainability, connected technology, social equity, and innovation.

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For Walkers, The Last Six Inches are Important

For Walkers, The Last Six Inches are Important

It is no surprise to those of us in the walking advocacy world that making bus stops accessible and linked to neighborhood sidewalks can increase bus ridership and reduce the number of para-transit trips that are called for. This is a logical outcome of thinking about how people make real life choices about how to get around. What this research demonstrates is an amazing win-win-win for walking and transit advocates. It shows how we can shift trips from autos to transit; give more people more independence by making it possible for them to use regular bus service rather than setting up special, scheduled para-transit trips (some of which require appointments to be made at least 24 hours in advance and only for specified purposes); and save money for transit systems over the long run.

Advancing Inclusive City Design in Transportation

Advancing Inclusive City Design in Transportation

The final day of Mobilize Dar es Salaam, June 28th, 2018, began with the plenary, “Advancing Inclusive City Design from Fringe to Mainstream.” On the premise that an equitable city takes into account the needs of everyone— including women, children, elderly people, and people with disabilities—in transport planning, the session explored ideas and dilemmas of designing inclusive transit systems.

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