About Manal J. Aboelata, Deputy Executive Director, Prevention Institute and Elva Yañez, Director of Health Equity, Prevention Institute

Manal J. Aboelata is the deputy executive director of Prevention Institute and leads its Los Angeles office, which is located in Leimert Park. Aboelata is a public health scientist and national health equity leader who has worked on issues ranging from access to healthy food and physical activity opportunities to healthy and equitable land use.

Elva Yañez is the director of health equity at Prevention Institute. Her work focuses on integrating primary prevention and health equity into policy and organizational practice through capacity building, policy analysis and advocacy, and strategic planning with community-based partners, government agencies, and funders.

Stormwater Management is an Equity Issue

As extreme weather conditions become the new normal—from floods in Baton Rouge and Venice to wildfires in California, we need to clean and save stormwater for future use while protecting communities from flooding and exposure to contaminated water. Changing how we manage stormwater has the potential to preserve access to water for future generations; prevent unnecessary illnesses, injuries, and damage to communities; and increase investments in green, climate-resilient infrastructure, with a focus on communities where these kinds of investments are most needed.