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Creating a Path to a Smart City Workforce



In our hyper-connected age, cities are acutely aware of their dependence upon a well-educated, diverse and entrepreneurial citizenry — to be competitive, to fuel innovation and to stimulate economic growth. There isn’t a single, silver-bullet-solution that will magically provide cities with the workforce needed for success in a digital world. However, there are some investments and pragmatic steps which cities and businesses can take (together) to create a smarter, more agile, competitive workforce.

This webcast will explore:

  1. New approaches for identifying untapped talent pools within the existing workforce?
  2. Enabling better public/private sector partnerships that aim to mobilize talent?
  3. Creating collaborative environments where non-traditional education initiatives help to up-skill workers, establish knowledge pools, enable continuous learning opportunities?

The three episode series is entitled “Talent for Cities: The catalyst for a digital-ready workforce in a digital economy”.

Join us for this second episode, led by Cisco’s Chief Knowledge Officer, and the Founder of Meeting of the Minds. This will be a live in-studio conversation with some very special guests: business executives, public sector leaders, advocates and academic experts. We’ll debate and examine the impact of talent on the future of cities, especially at a moment when fast-changing digital economies are in a state of flux.

This is formatted as a 60-minute talk-show format. It sheds light on the challenges facing leaders of both cities and businesses. These leaders have the power to fuel (or impede) the growth of talent, the creation of jobs, the advance of innovation and economic prosperity. This series puts the spotlight on human talent, the critical ingredient needed to build a dynamic, digital-ready workforce for future-connected cities.

As Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, Cisco’s Chief Knowledge Officer, said that “without the right talent, who will build and sustain our cities?”

During this episode you’ll hear our guest experts share their own perspectives. They’ll be asked for pragmatic, fresh approaches to public/private partnerships-for-people that are aimed at digital transformations. They’ll discuss how a dynamic workforce can thrive amidst the tumult and chaos of constant technology change.

View a short video about this one hour webinar.


Special Guests

  • Tim Draper, Founding Partner, Draper Associates and DFJ; Founder, BizWorld and Draper University of Heroes
  • James Weinberg, CEO, FUSE Corps
  • Scott Mauvais, Director, Technology & Civic Innovation, Microsoft


February 1, 2017
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Live Webcast


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