About Will Quinn, Solution Lead, Black & Veatch

Will Quinn is a Solution Lead for Black & Veatch's Connected Communities Business Line. With a background in Urban Planning, he develops strategies and provides innovative technology solutions for cities, metropolitan planning organizations and universities looking to modernize their infrastructure. Throughout his career, Will's focus has centered on urban revitalization efforts through public-private partnerships, sustainable development, and the implementation of smart and connected cities.

Digitally Connected Campuses Offer Enhanced Experiences

Following such a tumultuous school year where change was the only constant, perhaps there is no greater opportunity for colleges and universities to reimagine their campuses than there is today. To stay relevant in today’s increasingly competitive educational marketplace, schools must embrace the smart technologies that will enhance the collegiate experience and ensure seamless operations regardless of the next crises. By being proactive and planning now, schools can install the robust communications backbone and agile infrastructure necessary to support emerging technologies and create the connected campus of the future.