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Lillie Glasgo has an extensive administrative background as a legal secretary/paralegal, sale assistant in investment banking and as a Realtor and Mortgage Loan Officer. In addition to starting several of her own businesses, she has also designed collateral for nonprofit organizations, is a published poet, and wrote the soon to be published “Budgeting - The Ultimate Debt Eliminator”. She recently started a blog: and is a motivational speaker, promoting the awareness of domestic violence and financial independence. As a student at the Stride Center, Lillie is learning to code with the goal of using her newfound skills to write a program for her website DEBTXIT.COM to help folks get out of debt without debt consolidation, loans or filing for bankruptcy.


Editor’s Note: Meeting of the Minds organized the first ever Civic Hackathon in Richmond, CA as a precursor to its annual summit. Over the course of October 17th and 18th half a dozen teams competed for the top prize and the opportunity to present their apps in...

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