About Benson Chan, Senior Partner, Strategy of Things, and Renil Paramel, Senior Partner, Strategy of Things

Benson is an innovation catalyst and formerly the Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at a networking company in the smart home industry. He has 25+ years of experience and success scaling innovative businesses and technologies for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. Benson’s current work focuses on Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Industrial IoT. He serves on the CompTIA IoT Industry Advisory Council, and the NIST GCTC Wireless, Smart Building and Smart Region superclusters. Benson speaks and writes regularly on IoT, smart cities, and innovation management.

Renil is an IoT strategist and formerly Vice President at Gartner Consulting. He currently focuses on Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Industrial IoT and has co-led the development of a smart region innovation lab for a county, and a connected streetlight strategy for a major utility. Renil has over 22 years of experience, including 20 years of professional consulting experience serving clients in the public sector and in Fortune 500 companies. Renil is an active member of several industry working groups, including the NIST GCTC Wireless, Smart Region, and Smart Building superclusters.

Smart Cities & Public Health Emergency Collaboration Framework

Based on our observations and experiences, we’ve written a white paper describing a Smart City-Public Health Emergency collaboration framework. We define a structured approach to broadly consider and maximize collaboration opportunities between the smart city innovation community and municipalities for the COVID-19 outbreak. It integrates the CDC Public Health Emergency and Response Capabilities standards with components of a smart city innovation ecosystem. The CDC defined capability standards are organized into six domains. Each intersection in the framework represents a collaboration point where the smart city’s innovation ecosystem and digital capabilities can be used to augment the municipalities’ public health emergency response needs.