About Andreas Kuehn and Abagail Lawson

Andreas Kuehn is a Senior Program Associate with the EastWest Institute's Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program and author of the EWI report Smart and Safe: Risk Reduction in Tomorrow’s Cities. His work focuses on emerging information technology challenges at the intersection of cybersecurity, digital policy, and international security.

Abagail Lawson a Program Associate at the EastWest Institute, working with the Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program.

Cybersecurity Should be a Top Priority for Smart City Leaders

The growth of smart cities – projected to increase fourfold by 2025 – will continue. Unfortunately, at best, only a few cities have the skilled staff needed to address these new risks and cybersecurity challenges. Hence, the onus is increasingly on city administrators, technology providers, and even community leaders to take on a steep learning curve together, and better understand how cybersecurity fits into making cities safe and secure. The question remains – how do we get there?