Meeting of the Minds Speaker

Susan Chapelle

City Councillor

Squamish, BC

An advocate for the importance of urban planning as an integral part of preventative health care, Susan Chapelle is serving a second term as a City Councillor of Squamish, BC.

As past chair of the Transportation committee and current chair of the Community Development committee, Susan has been instrumental in putting forward changes to the municipal budget that would equalize funding of active transit with roads, and instigated updated transportation studies to include active transit. Understanding the importance of science, she has worked with local health authorities to integrate health care benchmarking into municipal policies and planning. Susan continues her research through collaborating with Geoffrey Bove, D.C, PhD at the University of New England. Her recent 2016 publication, “A Novel Method for Evaluating Post-Surgical Adhesions” has been published in The Journal of Investigative Surgery.