Meeting of the Minds Speaker

Leonardo Sosa

CEO and Executive Director


Since 2003, Leonardo Sosa has trained over 1,000 youth and young adults for careers in tech, and has placed over 100 underserved young adults in Jobs in the Tech Industry since 2013.

He has also trained over 100 instructors on best practices in a technology and leadership curricula across the country, and launched three youth and young adults’ technology workforce development programs before launching his own non-profit <dev/Mission>, which aims to train untapped young adults ages 16-24 for careers in tech, building wealth and prosperity in our underserved communities. He launched <dev/Mission> since March 2017; combining his experience in IT and youth-program workforce development and his passion for bridging the diversity gap in tech. The result is a sustainable program with proven outcomes for low-income communities. The values embedded in the <dev/Mission> program ensure that alumni leave with a sense of integrity, philanthropy, and commitment to pursue a career in tech.