Meeting of the Minds Speaker

Kate Thompson



Kate Thompson is a Principal with Deloitte Consulting, providing strategy services and technical assistance to international clients in government, business and social sectors.

She leads a portfolio of international development programs in emerging economies and countries in transition focused on strengthening economic governance, creating resilient cities, mobilizing public and private sources of finance, improving infrastructure, empowering women, employing youth and scaling entrepreneurship. Her successful leadership of these and other programs is predicated on her understanding of how technical assistance can be structured and implemented to achieve sustainable results, in even the most challenging environments, by leveraging assets and aligning incentives within the public-private-and social sectors.

Over the course of her career Ms. Thompson has lived and worked in more than 46 countries. She has led and advised the world’s largest multinational corporations, and provided technical assistance to over 200 hundred national and subnational government leaders.