Workforce of the Future – Bridging the Gap Requires a Rethink

Nov 29, 2018

Session Description

Organizations of all kinds are slowly starting to face one of the realities of our time: new jobs will look very different in the next decade than they do today. What roadmaps are leaders developing as they seek to prepare all kinds of people all along the skills and age spectrum? How exactly are our leading organizations stepping up to this challenge to address changing industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, and more? Prepping for the digital and AI revolution’s impacts will require initiative in all spheres. It is as true for employees who manage cities as it is for employees who manage the enterprises which thrive inside those cities.



Moderator: Misha Houser, Co-Founder, COO, Autonomy Foundation 




Al BunshaftSVP, Global Affairs, Dassault Systèmes Americas




Dr. Gary MayChancellor, UC Davis




Leonardo SosaCEO and Executive Director, <dev/Mission>


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