What’s Working: Training & Entrepreneurship for the Next Global Workforce

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

Potent economic forces are on the move, altering urban economies while reshaping the workforce. Are we prepared to meet changing workforce demands? What skills and knowledge will help ensure an anxious workforce, particularly youth who are expected to drive innovation? How do we ensure low-income communities share in the economic success? What is the role for philanthropic and public sector leadership in addressing preparedness and inequities?


Moderator: Nicolette Jaworski, Director, External Affairs, AT&T

Greg MalkinDirector, Young Entrepreneur Institute

Tayyib SmithCo-founder, Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship


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  1. Nikki – can you talk about AT&T’s support of [M]SPIRE (a regional, online business pitch competition) as a way of leveling the playing field for inner-city and rural entrepreneurs? What did you learn from the experience about the potential for engaging under-represented populations in, and connecting them to, the economic development ecosystem that exists to support and grow their businesses?

    • Thanks Matt, I would love to incorporate our engagement with [M]SPIRE during our panel- thank you for such a thoughtful prompt.

  2. Greg, first ring suburbs have had a significant increase in poverty and minority populations. Is your organization only serving the central city or is it also working with these other communities?

  3. Nicolette,
    What types of projects/programs is AT&T doing in the greater Cleveland area around addressing digital inclusion?


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