Urban Strategies for Economic Mobility & Opportunity

Oct 24, 2017

Session Description

Cities and states must find new ways to address growing economic inequality and a shrinking middle class. Cities and foundations are developing and implementing new approaches to lift up urban residents and increase economic opportunity by boosting working family incomes, strengthening residents financial capabilities, providing new debt options, expanding job access and pathways to opportunities, and supporting foreign-born entrepreneurs.



Moderator: Matt ZoneCity Councilman, City of Cleveland & President, National League of Cities

Ronald RichardCEO, The Cleveland Foundation

Natoya Walker Minor, Chief of Public Affairs, City of Cleveland

Jason SegedyAssistant to the Mayor, Director of Planning and Urban Development, City of Akron


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  1. Here in Cleveland, we’ve launched a one-of-a-kind high school manufacturing apprenticeship program, known as the Early College, Early Career program, that is giving hundreds of Northeast Ohio students access to long-term, rewarding careers in manufacturing. How can we scale successful programs across industries – how do we ensure that the rising tide gives everyone access to tech, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries?

  2. I wonder- how are you all addressing a future where the workforce may be more automated?

  3. Why was RTA buses cut back and routes were decreased? Shouldn’t trainst be increased to help decrease traveling time?


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