Three Revolutions: What Cities Need to Do To Prepare for Disruption

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

Pittsburgh’s Director of Mobility and Infrastructure and Audi’s Director of Government Affairs will discuss how cities need to prepare for the 3 Revolutions – electrification, autonomous vehicles, and shared mobility. Decisions on how to reinvent infrastructure need to be made now but it’s crucial for innovators and cities to be in constant dialogue. How do we ensure the decisions we make now won’t be obsolete in 10 years? Karina Ricks will discuss how Pittsburgh has become one of the hot spots for urban innovation, risk-taking, and success. She will share how the city has adopted a new and bold vision and some of its key strategies including Uber AV pilot learnings, smart street lights, data utility concept and its use of Peak Analytics.



Moderator: Josh SperlingUrban Futures and Energy-X Nexus Engineer, National Renewable Energy Lab

Karina RicksDirector of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburg

Brad StertzDirector, Audi Government Affairs


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