The Water and Drought Crisis: Learning from Abroad

Nov 17, 2015

When Singapore gained independence in 1965, providing water for its population and economy was a seemingly impossible challenge for the new Government. Today, through sound water management policies and investments in R&D, the city-state boasts of a vibrant and thriving water sector. Singapore’s national water agency, PUB has put in place a long-term water supply strategy with four different water sources known as the Four National Taps: water from local catchments, imported water from Malaysia, high-grade reclaimed water (branded NEWater), and desalinated water. NEWater is the jewel of its water diversification strategy, meeting up to 30% of its current water needs, and is set to supply more than half of water demand by 2060. Together with a proactive community engagement programme to motivate the public to conserve and keep our catchments clean, Singapore has become a model of sustainable urban water management for the world.

  • George Madhavan, Director, 3P Network Department, Public Utilities Board, Singapore



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