The Night Economy – Cities Five to Nine

Nov 29, 2018

Session Description

The night economy makes an important contribution to city vibrancy and viability.  From entertainment districts to hospitals, “life at night” is part of how we live, work, and play in urban places. Nightlife contributes to culture and economic development, though also presents challenges for public safety, transportation, and quality of life. Valuing the night economy while navigating its downsides raises a number of questions. For example, how can residential and entertainment uses successfully co-exist? How can mobility for visitors and workers be managed for safety and efficiency? How do we ensure creatives aren’t displaced as neighborhoods change? Cities around the globe are beginning to address these and other issues through a designated “Night Mayor” or “Night Economy Manager.” This session will explore what issues “night mayors” face and how they are creating smart solutions for the “5 to 9” side of their city’s economy.


Moderator: Melanie NutterPrincipal, Nutter Consulting




Tina Lee-Vogt, Program Manager, Community Development Department, City of Sacramento



Jocelyn KaneFormer Executive Director, City of San Francisco Entertainment Commission


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