Stockton’s Revival – Universal Basic Income, Collective Impact and Economic Empowerment

Nov 28, 2018

Session Description

The City of Stockton, only three years out of bankruptcy, is ranked among the most fiscally healthy cities in the United States and is re-imagining its economic destiny through bold leadership by Mayor Michael Tubbs, the collective impact model of multi-sector partners, and a firm commitment to evidence-based policy innovation. In this conversation, we’ll hear about the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, which is the country’s first-ever city-led Guaranteed Income initiative, and how it fits into a larger theory of cradle-to-career systems change that is catalyzing education reform, health and trauma transformation, neighborhood investment, and workforce development in a city of promise.


Moderator: Derek OuyangCo-Founder, City Systems




Mayor Michael TubbsCity of Stockton, CA




Ann RoganFUSE Executive Fellow, Office of the Mayor, City of Stockton, CA


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