Sharing the Road: BRT & Global South Urban Mobility

Oct 21, 2015

How are Global South cities in Latin America and Africa developing and implementing BRT and solving the interface between people and mobility systems? The reality is BRT is not possible in all cities. What factors are required to make BRT work? What other modes must exist alongside BRT for a complete transit system to successfully serve city dwellers? BRT in certain African cities is being co-developed in conjunction with other bus solutions – formal and informal. Comparing these trends to North American cities, a different kind of global mobility future starts to become more clear.

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  • Moderator: Mary Skelton Roberts, Senior Program Officer, Climate, The Barr Foundation (Boston)
  • Juan Carlos Muñoz, Director of the Department of Transport Engineering and Logistics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago)
  • Roger Behrens, Director, The African Centre of Excellence for Studies in Public and Non-motorised Transport (Cape Town)
  • Heather Thompson, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy


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