Reclaiming and Reframing Our Streets – The National Street Service

Nov 29, 2018

Session Description

Streets make up the largest portion of our cities – more than housing, parks, schools, or businesses. In fact, by area, city streets comprise a larger portion of our country’s public space than all national parks put together. What if we treated them with the same treasured and honored perspective that we have for our national parks? The National Street Service aims to reframe our thinking about streets to build a shared understanding of the full value and potential they can offer. Greenfield Labs, in partnership with Gehl Studios, has developed a curriculum for participants to change their vision of what streets can and should be in our cities, tested and iterated upon across five vastly different cities – San Francisco, Boise, Philly, Pontiac, and San Antonio. Through this work we have developed a set of insights and design principles that capture what we have learned across these cities. Hear from two of the leaders of this project on key lessons learned, solutions for urban practitioners, and how we can reclaim our streets.

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Moderator: Allison ArieffColumnist, New York Times & Editorial Director, SPUR




Ryan Westrom, Mobility Partnerships Lead, Greenfield Labs, Ford




Anna Muessig, Project Manager, Gehl Studios


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