Looking Backwards and Forward Towards the Next Ten Years

Oct 27, 2016

Meeting of the Minds 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of the summit. As we look back, where were we blind? What trends did we not see coming? And how does that inform the way we see the next 10 years? We will also announce the results of our 8-month Network Survey. Who participates in the Meeting of the Minds global leadership network? What themes are most important to them? What sectors do they represent? Are they in or outside the US? How do we better serve this growing network of urban sustainability thought leaders?

  • Gordon Feller, Co-Founder, Meeting of the Minds & Consultant, Cisco Systems HQ
  • Jonathan H. Coleman, Sustainability & Advanced Technology Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • Rahul Chopra, Corporate Development for Energy Technologies Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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