In the Era of New Mobility, The Streets of the Future Must Change

Nov 28, 2018

Session Description

The foundation of cities is our largest public asset: streets. Today, we’re trying to reclaim this critical public asset to prioritize shared multimodality — that is, making space for people on foot, bikes, scooters, transit, and other ways to get around. With so many privately operated, publicly accessible modes coming to streets near us (and soon AVs), how cities work with new mobility providers and create policies will have direct impact on how people move — and simultaneously emphasize necessary changes in street design and infrastructure investment. During this time of rapid change, how can new mobility better serve the existing public transit backbone in a holistic transportation ecosystem? How can we learn from past lessons and ensure that our communities’ values are reflected in cities’ policies? With better tools and data today, how can cities take a proactive role in managing both public and private modes, to ensure equitable, safe, and accessible outcomes? Remix is a technology platform for cities to take their planning ideas from vision to implementation. Tiffany and her team of 50 urban planners and technologists are based in San Francisco and Amsterdam, and work with over 250 cities around the world.

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Tiffany Chu, Co-Founder, Remix


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