Driving Change to Unwind Intractable Inequality

Oct 24, 2017

Session Description

What are the role of cities as the engines for social protection, inclusion, basic assets, full employment and solving intractable inequality? Hear from one of the leading voices in civic and labor organizing working towards employing the bottom 5% including the anxiously employed and the structurally unemployed. What solutions are working in New Orleans, New Bedford (MA), and other cities around the country that we can all learn from?

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Saket Soni
National Guestworker Alliance and New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice


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  1. Here in Cleveland, we have Cleveland Codes, the nation’s first software development bootcamp devoted to training low-income adults for careers in high tech. To date, we’ve helped 77 adults go from minimum-wage positions to $20+ per hour entry-level coding jobs. What other programs are helping low-income adults access careers in software development?

  2. Can we curb economic inequality substantially without the federal government’s and state government’s support?

  3. Those in power aren’t going to willingly give share their power with the most vulnerable populations in our cities. How do you move leaders – some of whom are in this room – to action? It is one thing to be sympathetic, but its another to actually do the hard work needed to address structural racism that produces the results we see in low-income neighborhoods.


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