California and Dubai – Resiliency Planning and Preparing Our Cities for Extreme Weather and Drought

Nov 28, 2018

Session Description

California and Dubai have something in common – resiliency and drought planning among increasingly extreme weather. Dubai provides a future snapshot of where California is headed in some scenarios. California’s wildfires over the past two years put this into an urgent and stark reality. What can California learn from Dubai’s approach? What can Dubai learn from California’s approach? Hear a lively discussion and comparison of policies, practices, and technology solutions from the Climate Policy Advisor to Dubai’s Council of Governments and Professor Pinter from UC Davis.


Moderator: Gordon FellerCo-Founder, Meeting of the Minds




Camille AmmounPolicy Advisor, Dubai 




Professor Nicholas PinterShlemon Chair in Applied Geosciences, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences & Associate Director, Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California Davis


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