Building Towards Resiliency through Healthy Digital Ecosystems

Oct 24, 2017

Session Description

Greta and her team are trying something new in New York: making communities more resilient by building healthy place-based digital ecosystems. Resilient Networks NYC is a multi-stakeholder partnership building local wireless networks in six Superstorm Sandy-impacted neighborhoods. In each neighborhood, New America’s Resilient Communities Program is partnering with a local community organization on the front lines of climate adaptation and economic resilience. Their partners are training local residents as “Digital Stewards” to conduct outreach, collaborate with local businesses and leaders, and design, install, and maintain resilient public WiFi systems.

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Greta ByrumDirector, Resilient Communities, New America


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  1. How do you handle cyber security on mesh networks?

    • Hello Melena,

      Security with mesh is like any other wifi network — it’s not extremely secure unless you use a VPN. We try to educate our users about what you should (& shouldn’t) do over public wifi. In general, we use WPA-2 security, and will update once equipment manufacturers release patches/updates to address the Krack exploit.

      All best,


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