May 20, 2020

Stratford, Ontario



8:30am-5:30pm followed by a Networking Reception

Registration to open in Fall 2019

Stratford, Ontario

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On May 20, 2020, Meeting of the Minds will convene 150 global thought leaders in Stratford, Ontario to share best practices, lessons learned, and key insights that are accelerating new mobility solutions and autonomous technology in cities.

Morning plenaries will discuss current mobility challenges, gaps and opportunities in the Ontario region, followed by global best practices to prepare for the electric, shared and autonomous revolution. Sessions will take a deep dive into key technology, policy, and financing tools for cities and emerging solutions from national and global examples. Morning plenaries will be followed by small group discussions over lunch with plenary speakers to continue the conversation and build partnerships.

In the afternoon, all 150 summit participants will have the opportunity to attend a behind-the-scenes site visit of the area’s AV testing, data center, energy storage and more. In addition, participants will experience live demos from emerging and established start-ups and global technology companies. This will be followed by small group, facilitated workshop discussions to dive into emerging trends, lessons learned and next steps.

The CityMobility Summit is made possible by the generous support of these organizations.

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Attendees at the Mobility Summit

Who Attends?


60% local, 40% extra-local

  • Public Sector 15% 15%
  • Private Sector/Entrepreneur 49% 49%
  • NGO and Philanthropy 23% 23%
  • Academia 10% 10%
  • Media 3% 3%


SVP level and higher

Background and Purpose

Delivering new mobility solutions requires a collaborative ecosystem of players and partners, particularly with the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles.

These players are working on interconnected solutions in broadband, security, energy, IoT, data platforms and centers, cryptocurrency, modeling, equity and access, public-private partnerships, creative financing, software, vehicle design, testing and validation, transit, pedestrian and bicycle safety, parking, sustainability, carbon impacts, and more. The Meeting of the Minds CityMobility Summit tackles these topics through a unique one-day summit each summer with 150+ invited global thought leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, philanthropy, entrepreneurs and academics. The purpose of the CityMobility Summit is to identify challenges, emerging solutions directly aimed at those challenges, and potential partnerships that can move the needle for city-regions across the globe. In May 2020, we convene in Stratford Ontario at the invitation of long-time Mayor Dan Mathieson. In 2018, Stratford, Ontario was ranked #2 globally in Intelligent Communities Ranking by The Intelligent Community Forum (in the 50,000 population and under category). Stratford is one of a hundred cities bordering Toronto that is facing the 21st century and tasked with building innovative solutions to create jobs, diversify its economy, and deliver new urban services to its residents.

The vast majority of North America is made up of cities with 60,000 people or less – just like Stratford. They will be where the AV revolution is won or lost. These small and medium-sized cities are carving out their own strategies focused on new mobility, technology, clean energy, broadband, and the secondary services and technology to support these industries. Stratford stands out from many of the rest due to its battery storage facility, crypto currency data center, distributed generation, ubiquitous fiber, and autonomous vehicle testing. Moreover, it is stretching out its hand in partnership with the private sector and surrounding cities. It also has its challenges: bus and rail connections to surrounding larger cities like Toronto, London and Waterloo; attracting and retaining young talent; housing for rising talent; services for a graying population; and a lack of density to support large new transportation and transit infrastructure. The province that Stratford sits in – Ontario – is a leader in AVs, clean energy, and supportive regulatory frameworks enabling new mobility solutions to be deployed, tested and scaled. Join us in May 2020 for the CityMobility Summit to discuss urban-regional mobility challenges in the morning with a focus on solutions and next steps in the afternoon through site visits and facilitated work sessions. Our mission in May 2020 is to convene 150+ invited leaders working towards shared solutions across sectors and cities and draw lessons learned from the larger Meeting of the Minds global leadership network which lend themselves to both Ontario, and city-regions around the world that are grappling with similar challenges.

Site Visit and Demos

Delegates will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes tour of state-of-the-art and emerging technology, energy, mobility and AV projects in the Ontario region. In 2018, live and static demos from Ford, Iteris, Derq, Substrate, Trillium, Cimcon Lighting, RoadBotics, Visteon, and Polysync gave delegates a first-hand look at emerging prototypes and technology innovations which are being developed and deployed. If you are interested in providing a demo at our Stratford Mobility Summit, please contact us at the form at the bottom of this page.

The site visit and demos will be followed by small group discussions in facilitated workshops to address key gaps and challenges as laid out in the morning plenaries with emerging solutions, lessons learned and next steps.

These companies set up live and static demos at 2018 CityMobility Summit.
If you are interested in demo’ing at the 2020 CityMobility Summit, please contact us.



May 20, 2020


Networking Breakfast



  • Gordon Feller, Co-Founder, Meeting of the Minds
  • Jessie Feller Hahn, Executive DirectorMeeting of the Minds


Setting the Context – Regional Mobility Challenges and Vision for The Region

  • Moderator: TBA
  • Mayor Dan Mathieson, Stratford, Ontario
  • TBA, Metrolinx
  • TBA, Ontario Ministry of Transportation


Urgent Transportation and Access Gaps in Ontario

  • TBA 


Short-Term Technology and Data Solutions to Congestion, Access and Mobility

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


Networking Coffee Break


AV Impacts

  • TBA


How to Build the Next Mobility Innovation Ecosystem

  • Moderator: TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


The Ohio-Michigan-Ontario Region: Current and Emerging Opportunities

  • Moderator: TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


Looking Out Towards 2050

  • TBA


Lunch with the Day’s Speakers

Join the speakers from the morning plenary sessions at their tables to continue the conversation, ask questions and dig a bit deeper into the content and next steps.


Load Buses

Please meet in front of the Arden Park Hotel.


Buses Leave for Site Visits


Site Visit and Live Demos

Delegates will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes tour of state-of-the-art projects in the Ontario region. Live and static demos from start-ups and established global OEM’s and technology companies will give delegates a first-hand look at emerging prototypes and technology innovations being developed and deployed.


Leave Site Visits by Bus


Arrive at the Arden Park Hotel

Transition to work sessions.


Facilitated Work Session #1

The site visit and demos will be followed by small group discussions in facilitated workshops to address key gaps and challenges as laid out in the morning plenaries with a focus on emerging solutions, lessons learned and next steps.


Coffee Break & Transition


Facilitated Work Session #2

Choose a second topic area of interest to you.


Wrap-up and Next Steps

Jessie Feller Hahn, Executive Director, Meeting of the Minds

5:30 – 7:30pm

Networking Reception

Sponsored by Clear Cable

Facilitated Work Sessions

During the facilitated work sessions, delegates will break into groups of 10-12 for small working groups. Each group will focus on a particular subset of issues from the morning plenaries and use the demos and site visit to inform the discussions around solutions, remaining key challenges, and next steps – including partnerships and possible pilots. Working session topics are listed below along with the name of the facilitator(s).

1. Short-Term Technology and Data Solutions for Congestion, Access and Mobility

Facilitator: TBA

2. Building and Supporting a Regional Mobility Ecosystem

Facilitator: TBA

3. Wireless Technology, 5G Roll Out, and Cybersecurity

Facilitator: TBA

4. Ensuring Access is at the Center of Mobility Initiatives in the Region

Facilitators: TBA

5. Regional Collaboration, Planning and Coordination

Facilitator: TBA

6. AV Impacts on Municipal Revenue and Emerging Solutions

Facilitator: TBA

7. Setting Policy for AVs and Innovation

Facilitator: TBA

8. V-2-V, V-2-I, V-2-X: Roads and Pedestrians

Facilitator: TBA

9. Legal and Insurance Innovations for an AV Future

Facilitator: TBA

10. Testing and Validation for Safe AV

Facilitator: TBA

Attendees at the Mobility Summit

Venue and Lodging

The CityMobility Summit will convene at the Arden Park Hotel. A group rate of $184 CAD is available until April 19, 2020 or when the block is filled, whichever comes first.

The Arden Park Hotel
552 Ontario Street
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Meeting of the Minds will provide shuttles on May 19, 2020 every two hours starting at 3:00PM and picking up until 9:00PM from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Stratford at no additional cost. Shuttles will include beverages, snacks and networking. Shuttles will also be available May 21 morning from Stratford to Toronto Pearson International Airport starting at 6:00AM running every hour until 10am.

The Arden Park Hotel

The Arden Park Hotel

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