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Behavior Changes, Technology, and Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Urban Congestion


On February 6th, 2019, Meeting of the Minds hosted a live webinar featuring José Holguín-Veras of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Archive RecordingThis webinar originally aired on February 6, 2019. Program José Holguín-Veras has been conducting research on freight transportation systems and supply chains around the world for over two decades. His research shows that while rates […]

Smart Communities – How 5G, Mobility, Vision Zero and Multi-Modal Approaches are Converging


Sean Harrington from Verizon and Brenna Berman from City Tech Collaborative and the City of Chicago will both share their perspectives on where we are headed with Smart Communities in US cities. We will dive into 5G, mobility, traffic, Vision Zero, situational learning, the “dilemma zone”, multi-modal approaches, and where we go from here. How are they all converging, building upon each other and leading us into the next phase of smart cities? Are we truly entering that next phase of smart cities or are we still stuck in the last one? If so, how do we leapfrog to the next phase? What partnerships, financing, technology and policies are emerging that will catalyze the new wave of smart cities? And how close are we to that new paradigm? Hear from Sean and Brenna on real-world examples and how the “smart cities” promise is playing out on the ground.

When Machines Do Everything in Smart Cities: 21 Jobs of the Future


On June 11, 2019, Meeting of the Minds hosted a free, live webinar featuring Robert H. Brown and Desmond Dickerson of the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work.Archive Recording This webinar originally aired on June 11, 2019.ProgramThe rise of A.I. in smart cities everywhere will be fundamental to making municipalities work better for us. […]

The Future of Street Design


On October 22, 2019, at 10 am PT, Meeting of the Minds will host a live webinar featuring Ed Krafcik of Soofa, Geeti Silwal of Perkins & Will, and Anna Muessig of Gehl.

Safe Autonomous Mobility — Human Cognition & Behavior in Automated Driving Systems

On November 19, 2019, Meeting of the Minds hosted a live webinar featuring John Lenneman, Senior Principal Engineer, Collaborative Safety Research Center, Toyota Motor North America Research & Development. Program Toyota's Collaborative Safety Research Center in Ann Arbor (MI) is working on forward-thinking human behavior research that will impact autonomous driving technologies, policies, standards, and […]

How Behavioral Science is Helping to Advance Systemic Change in Cities and in the Justice System


On Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 11:00am PT (2:00pm ET), Meeting of the Minds will host a free, live webinar featuring a conversation with two US-based practitioners who are leading systems-level change initiatives—one in the justice system, and the other across an entire city—aimed at undoing systemic racism. Sharing their inspiring approach, characterizing their day-to-day work, and relating their fresh perspectives on this webinar will be Erika Anthony, recent former VP of Government Relations & Strategy with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, and Alexander Shermansong, founder and principal of Civic Consulting USA.

Major Trends Shaping our Cities from 2020 to 2060

On February 12, 2020, Meeting of the Minds will host a free, live webinar featuring Patrick Condon, author of “Five Rules for Tomorrows Cities: Design in an Age of Urban Migration, Demographic Change, and a Disappearing Middle Class.”