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The Future of Street Design

The Future of Street Design

On October 22, 2019, at 10 am PT, Meeting of the Minds will host a live webinar featuring Ed Krafcik of Soofa, Geeti Silwal of Perkins & Will, and Anna Muessig of Gehl.


What is the future of street design? How do we define “the street” in the future? As new mobility options and smart city deployments arrive on our streets and sidewalks, street design is top of mind. Cities are faced with a growing list of urban services and smart city street deployments to balance on the street: bikeshare and scooters to bathrooms, digital kiosks, neighborhood news feeds, pedestrian safety, and street furniture. As a result, cities and their partners have to think carefully about how to better design their streets and who we are designing our streets for. Are streets for people or vehicles? How do we future-proof our streets for all the potential uses and mobility options in the future that we have yet to even invent? This webinar will discuss new design principles, fluid curb zones, ramping and edge zones, public furniture, democratized technology in the public realm, and how to refit and rethink our streets. Hear from three of the leading thinkers – Anna Muessig from Gehl, Geeti Silwal from Perkins + Will, and Ed Krafcik from Soofa – on how we redesign our streets for public life and what our streets might look like in the near-term and distant future.


Ed Krafcik's Presentation Slides

Download the slides Ed used in this event’s presentation.


Ed Krafcik

Ed Krafcik

VP City Development, Soofa

Ed Krafcik is the VP of City Development at Soofa, responsible for bringing Soofa technology into cities around the world and developing strategic partnerships with elected and appointed officials, real estate developers, and organizations and individuals with a shared responsibility in shaping the public realm. He is a former urban designer and landscape architect and prior to Soofa worked on neighborhood and city-wide community development projects across the U.S., tourism master planning in the Middle East, and detailed public space and park design globally. Ed is a long time city dweller, has been car-less for over ten years, and can always be found searching for the next best neighborhood.

Anna Muessig

Anna Muessig

Associate, Gehl

Anna Muessig is an Urban Planner and Project Manager at Gehl where she brings expertise in creative engagement and telling stories about how people use and experience places using data. At Gehl, she helps put people at the center of the decisions that shape our cities by leading public life studies, designing public realm action plans, and by using art to shape the culture of what streets can be. She is currently working on a redesign of SF’s Civic Center, building a movement for human-centered streets with Ford, and pilot projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Geeti Silwal

Geeti Silwal

Principal, Perkins & Will

Geeti Silwal is an Urban Design Principal at Perkins and Will. As the Head of the West Coast Urban Design practice, Geeti brings vision and design leadership that establishes the foundation of transformative changes for livable and sustainable environments in cities. She strongly believes that urban designers hold the responsibility to inspire integrated, multi-purpose design solutions of innovation and beauty that create healthy and inclusive cities.

Building and revitalizing communities, she lays deep emphasis on placemaking, connectivity, accessibility, and social justice. Her experience covers a vast breadth of scales, including regional transit-focused planning, downtown revitalization, waterfront redevelopments, urban mixed-use infill projects, research/innovation district planning, and public realm enhancement along heavily challenged infrastructure corridors. Geeti is currently leading multiple transportation planning projects including station area planning that accommodate emerging changes in the mobility ecosystem. She advocates for prioritizing low-carbon modes of travel in these transportation projects, to connect people and communities seamlessly and help realize the public’s aspiration for vibrant, productive and healthy cities. 


October 22, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Meeting of the Minds


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