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The Future of Cities


As they grow, cities will consume more land, present greater pollution challenges and concentrate greater shares of global wealth, raising new questions about sustainability and equity in our global society. How can we effectively plan for the influx of people and the inevitable pressure on city resources it will present while fighting urban sprawl? Can social norms, political institutions and even economic activity help us to promote sustainable cities? As more traditional communities transform from smaller, separate townships to sprawling urban centers, how do we reorient our thinking to solve these challenges?

Join us as Dr. Blair Ruble, distinguished scholar at The Woodrow Wilson Center, discusses how we can make the cities of the future more resilient and more equitable.


Blair Ruble
Distinguished Scholar
The Woodrow Wilson Center

Dr Blair A. Ruble is currently a Distinguished Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center where, among numerous positions, he served as long time director of the Center’s Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies. He completed graduate training at the University of Toronto following undergraduate study at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. His most recent book – “The Muse of Urban Delirium” — explores how the performing arts transform conflict-ridden cities into centers of innovation. That work builds on “Washington’s U Street: A Biography” which examines the tentative mixing of classes and in one of the Nation Capital’s most important neighborhoods.

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How Can Cities Best Plan for Future Growth. Dana Davidsen, The Dirt


February 13, 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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