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Smart City Parking Solutions: Insights from Germany to the Middle East

Smart City Parking Solutions: Insights from Germany to the Middle East

On October 24, 2018, Meeting of the Minds hosted a live webinar featuring Mayor Thomas Fehling of Bad Hersfeld, Germany and Thomas Hohenacker of Cleverciti Systems.

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This webinar originally aired on November 14, 2018.


Parking is a particularly tough issue for cities across the globe. Municipalities, both large and small, face the challenge of balancing the needs of a range of stakeholders – residents, tourists, pedestrians, businesses, schools, and others – who all have different parking demands.

The city of Bad Hersfeld, Germany, sought to change how it handles traffic for both residents and visitors, particularly during special events. A small city of approximately 30,000 just outside of Frankurt, Bad Hersfield is well known for its festivals, particularly the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele. The city’s Mayor, Thomas Fehling, implemented a more streamlined approach to parking management with the help of smart parking IoT solutions.

In this webinar, Mayor Fehling will share how the city deployed this new technology, which reduced the amount of time drivers searched for parking, lessened congestion on the roadways, lowered emissions, and increased efficiencies across its open-air parking lots. He will be joined by Thomas Hohenacker, Cleverciti Systems CEO, who will share some of his key insights from his work deploying parking solutions across cities in the Middle East, Europe and the US.


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Learn more about the Bad Hersfeld smart parking solution in this video from Cleverciti Systems.


Thomas Fehling

Thomas Fehling

Mayor, Bad Hersfeld, Germany

Thomas Fehling currently serves as the Mayor of Bad Hersfeld, Germany. He was elected in 2011 and later re-elected for a second term in 2016.

After graduating from high school in Bad Hersfeld, Fehling first studied electrical engineering and then business informatics at the TU Darmstadt. He worked with various renowned companies including Sybase, NCR Corporation and Teradata, in consultant, sales representative, managing director and business development roles. Before his move to politics, Fehling was a member of the European Project Steering Group.

In his capacity as mayor of the city of Hersfeld, he is also Chairman of the Board of the Vitalisklinik Bad Hersfeld GmbH (Department of Digestive and Metabolic Diseases) and Deputy Chairman of the Sparkasse Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg.

Thomas Hohenacker

Thomas Hohenacker

CEO & Founder, Cleverciti Systems

Thomas Hohenacker is a seasoned and well-known global entrepreneur and creator of innovative technologies and systems that change the way people think about their daily lives. Currently, he is the President and CEO of Cleverciti Systems. Founded in 2012, Cleverciti develops a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions designed to ease the parking experience and enhance driver communication. Hohenacker leads an international team of highly skilled experts, from programmers to engineers, at Cleverciti’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, as well as its development and manufacturing site in Neukirch. He also oversees overall operations at the company’s U.S. branch in Chicago.

Throughout his career, Hohenacker has founded and managed several international technology and media companies, combining talents from various sectors to develop innovative solutions for broadcast and digital information applications. In 2001, he founded earthTV, a company designed to help connect and unite citizens across the globe through the production of captivating and engaging programming options. During this time, earthTV produced and transmitted 450 daily live TV programs in 16 different languages, reaching hundreds of millions of people around the world.

He is also the founder of Telcast International, which produced and licensed a wide range of documentaries and wildlife programs internationally. A pioneer in the 3D television market, Hohenacker was the first to produce prime-time 3D events for international broadcasters, leveraging unique production systems and patented methods. Throughout his media career, he produced more than 250 programs for leading broadcasters such as BBC, Discovery Channel, VOX and more than 40 other market-leading international channels.


October 24, 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Meeting of the Minds


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