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Major Trends Shaping our Cities from 2020 to 2060

Major Trends Shaping our Cities from 2020 to 2060

On February 12, 2020, Meeting of the Minds hosted a free, live webinar featuring Patrick Condon, author of “Five Rules for Tomorrows Cities: Design in an Age of Urban Migration, Demographic Change, and a Disappearing Middle Class.”


Patrick Condon explores three major “waves” shaping our cities today and for the next 20-40 years in his new book “Five Rules for Tomorrow’s Cities: Design in an Age of Urban Migration, Demographic Change, and a Disappearing Middle Class.” These three waves include rural-to-urban migration, the collapse of global fertility rates, and the disappearance of the middle class. Patrick will share how cities in the Global North and Global South are trending in the same direction with a focus on housing, infrastructure, the role and location of work, and design solutions. He will delve into how urban practicioners can apply lighter, greener, and smarter infrastructure. Patrick tackles one central question: “how can designers of this generation first assimilate and then incorporate ongoing cultural, economic and ecological changes – interconnected changes occurring worldwide – into their city building work?” This webinar is for anyone involved in city building work including architects, planners, developers, public officials, and urbanists thinking about how to tackle the next 20-40 years of city building work. Patrick Condon is a notable Canadian urban designer, planner, Professor at University of British Columbia (UBC), founder of the UBC urban design program, and the author of several planning books in the field of sustainability.


Five Rules for Tomorrow's Cities

Published January, 2020. Available from Island Press.


Download slides

Download the slides Patrick used in his webinar presentation.


Patrick Condon

Patrick Condon

Professor, University of British Columbia

Patrick has over 25 years of experience in sustainable urban design: first as a professional city planner and then as a teacher and researcher. Patrick started his academic career in 1985 at the University of Minnesota before moving to the University of British Columbia in 1992. He holds the UBC James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments . In that capacity he has worked to advance sustainable urban design in scores of jurisdictions in the US, Canada, and Australia. Patrick was also the founding chair of the UBC Urban Design Program where he still teaches. He is the author of many books including Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities and, most recently, Five Rules for Tomorrow’s Cities, both published by Island Press.


February 12, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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