Behavior Change Blog Series

Behavior Change Blog Series

The Behavior Change Blog Series features case studies of behavior change initiatives from disciplines and focus areas around the world. Informed by interviews with thought leaders from Meeting of the Minds’ international network of urban sustainability, mobility, energy, and health professionals, each case study offers a brief summary of a given initiative, its intended goals and outcomes, and a brief analysis of the principles, values, and theories that informed the design of a behavior change strategy for a particular target audience. As a collection, these case studies offer valuable lessons and insights for leaders seeking behavior change strategies that can advance successful urban social change movements in the future.

Behavior Change Case Study: The National Streets Service Project

The kinds of behavior change NSS sought centered on how people think, how they vote, and how they engage in and advocate for change. The idea that seeded the genesis of and strategy behind the National Streets Service project was that transforming streets for a human scale would require building political capital. Thus, the NSS project was designed to engage people meaningfully and thoughtfully by embracing the tendencies of human nature and behavior.

Behavior Change Case Study: People’s Liberty

The People’s Liberty philanthropic lab was established with the intention of changing the field of foundation philanthropy and the potential scale of impact such institutions can bring about in the community development realm. While Eric acknowledges that the actual change realized by People’s Liberty was in the way it redefined community development, it’s clear there is much to be learned from the behavior change aspects of this initiative.

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