About Tripp Borstel, Director, Sustainability Solutions, ENGIE Impact

Tripp Borstel is the head of transformation and leads the public sector practice for ENGIE Impact. His obsession is for the myriad of ways organizations and cities can accelerate strategy implementation. He sharpened his craft in management consulting roles at Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, PwC and the Katzenbach Center.

COVID-19 Presents an Opportunity to Build Back Stronger Cities

Many cities are leveraging lessons and actions of the COVID-19 crisis to refocus on and drive ambitious sustainability and resiliency strategies. These cities are implementing a “build back better” strategy that ultimately will benefit some of the most vulnerable groups affected by both climate impacts and COVID-19. These strategies can strengthen building infrastructure, create good jobs for those who need them most, and rapidly accelerate cities’ carbon emissions reduction goals.

The work of better, happier cities cannot be implemented by governments or private organizations alone. Regional governments, businesses, banks, and financial institutions must commit to green stimulus and inclusive recovery. These recovery strategies will prioritize jobs and growing the economy, support health and pollution reduction, enhance energy and climate resilience, and support decarbonization, all while focusing on social equity.