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Tony Dutzik is senior policy analyst with Frontier Group, a non-profit think tank whose mission is to provide information and ideas to build a cleaner, healthier and more democratic America.

Subsidized Parking Hurts Cities. Here’s How to Start Fixing It.

One approach – employed by cities from the Bay Area to New York City to D.C. – is to require large employers to offer tax-free transit benefits to their employees. These “commuter benefits ordinances” are relatively new – the first was adopted in 2009 – but have the potential to dramatically expand access to transit, especially to workers in lower-paying jobs who are currently less likely to receive tax-free transit benefits. Early evidence from the Bay Area suggests that requiring employers to offer the benefits can lead thousands of people to switch to lower-impact modes of commuting.

We Can’t Wait: The Time to Shape the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution Is Now

The United States has built a transportation system that, along with its many benefits, is also deadly, expensive, and damaging to the environment and public health, while also failing to serve much of the public much of the time. The numbers are grim: more than...