About Shannon Daberkow, Program Manager, Cubic Transportation Systems

Shannon, an Analytics Program Manager, has spent the past 4 years turning transportation data into insights. She supports transit & transportation agencies - wherever they are on their data maturity journey - to use their data assets for actionable insights & analytics, including recent releases for identifying travel behaviors to encourage change for ‘shift the peak’ and ‘back to transit’ type campaigns, on-demand data exploration/visualization, and API access with varying levels of De-Identification controls. Shannon has deep data expertise with nearly a decade of data consulting across industry prior to joining Cubic Transportation Systems.

Balancing Data Privacy and Data Sharing Between TNCs and Cities

Data concerns are not going away. Data sharing and open data initiatives will likely become even more important as the transportation industry grows more interdependent among citizens, public agencies, cities, and private companies. In an internal context, de-identification of data allows data to be shared across an organization, allowing all users to access insights, and a common picture of demand and service performance across the network. This allows marketing, planners, and operations teams within transit agencies to access the same secure data when doing short term and long term planning. This also enables data sharing between agencies and transit operators which have adjacent service areas, and allows them to optimize timetables and typical transfer points. In an external context, de-identification allows for safe data sharing across different public, private, and community stakeholders, and lays the foundation for collaboration, interoperability, and common understanding, while putting privacy first.