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Nir Buras is a seasoned architect with extensive design and construction experience in the fields of architecture, strategic planning and urban design, program and cost control, and environmental sustainability of a multitude of significant and complex projects including Transit, Aviation, Historic Restoration, Commercial, institutional and Civic. He has worked in North America and the Middle East, including on Grand Central Terminal, New York; International Terminal D, Dallas-Fort-Worth; the Washington DC Metro Silver Line extension to Dulles Airport; the Tel-Aviv Metro; and the US Capitol, the Senate and House Office Buildings in Washington. Professional and community contributions include leading the visionary Anacostia River Plan, organizing the Washington Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Arts and founding the internet startup QTECT. Dr. Buras holds an MArch degree from UCLA and a PhD from the Technion. "The way we make cities is broken and needs constant innovation to fix it," he says. "Common sense is my compass and Reason my North Star."

Classic Planning — More Bang for the Urban Buck

Since World War Two, urban planning and architecture has destroyed more good, urban fabric than the war itself.  Architects, planners, artists, and cultural leaders wholeheartedly believed in “Less Is More”, “Form Follows Function”, “Architecture of Our Times”, and...