About Mark Hough, University Landscape Architect, Duke University

Mark Hough has been the university landscape architect at Duke University since 2000. While there, he has established a significant legacy of stewardship, influencing all aspects of campus design, planning, historic preservation, and natural resource management. He is a prolific and award-winning writer, addressing complex issues associated with cultural and urban landscapes for various print and online publications. He is currently working on his first book. Hough has served on numerous design juries and is a frequent speaker at national conferences and symposia. In 2014, Hough became a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

How Stormwater Infrastructure Balances Utility and Placemaking

I see the outcomes of Duke Pond as a representation of the importance of the profession of landscape architecture in today’s world. Once obscured by the glaring light and booming voice long-generated by building architects, landscape architects are steadily emerging as the designers needed to tackle complex 21st century problems. As both leaders and collaborators, their work is addressing the effects of rising sea level on coastal cities, creating multi-modal pedestrian and vehicular transportation systems to reduce carbon emissions, reimagining outdated infrastructure as great urban places, and as with the case of Duke Pond, mitigating the impacts of worsening drought.