About Kiersten Mailler, Manager of Strategic Planning & Design, and Marisa Denker, Co-Founder & CEO at Connect the Dots

Kiersten Mailler is the Manager of Strategic Planning and Design at Connect the Dots, a civic engagement and outreach firm based in Philadelphia, PA and Dublin, Ireland. Connect the Dots works across many scales and sectors including planning, engineering, corporate, workplace organization, and public space. Kiersten is an urban planner by trade, and she has a background in architecture, sustainability, landscape design, real estate, and human-scale planning.

Marisa Denker is based in Philadelphia and is Co-Director and Co-Founder of Connect the Dots. Marisa is a Fulbright scholar, with a MA Design Practice from Dublin University and a BA in Urban Studies and English from the University of Pennsylvania. Marisa has deep expertise in consultation design, engaging event design, strategic communications, stakeholder management and project management.

Equitable Stakeholder Engagement in a Remote World

At Connect the Dots, it is our mission to build better cities, towns, and neighborhoods through inclusive, insight-driven stakeholder engagement. We help community, private, and public sector partners to develop creative solutions that move projects and cities forward. Engagement is at the heart of this pursuit, which is why we are sharing our practices with you.

When you decide to take your engagement activities online, we encourage using tools that are functional on a wide range of devices including basic smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. We have also developed remote but non-virtual options to bridge the digital divide.