About Jim Creevy, VP U.S. Government Relations, ABB

Jim Creevy oversees ABB’s U.S. federal and state government relations activities. He works on an array of public policy issues to drive ABB’s growth in the United States and promote the value of its industrial technology in electrification, motion, industrial automation, robotics and discrete automation. He serves on the Board of the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) and is Chair of the National Association of Manufacturers’ International Trade Policy Committee. He is active at the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the Organization for International Investment (OFII).

Sustainable Cities Need Smart Investment and Policies

While the outlook for the environment may often seem bleak, there are many proven methods already available for cities to make their energy systems and other infrastructure not only more sustainable, but cheaper and more resilient at the same time. This confluence of benefits will drive investments in clean, efficient energy, transportation, and water infrastructure that will enable cities to realize their sustainability goals.

Given that many of the policy mechanisms that impact cities’ ability to boost sustainability are implemented at the state or federal level, municipalities should look to their own operations to implement change. Cities can lead as a major market player, for example, by converting their own fleets to zero emission electric vehicles, investing in more robust and efficient water facilities, procuring clean power, and requiring municipal buildings to be LEED certified.