About Ed Sutton, Program Manager and Systems Architect, Black & Veatch

Edward A. Sutton III, P.E., is a Program Manager and Systems Architect for Black & Veatch. With a background rooted in critical infrastructure, he has thorough experience in leading — from concept to completion — a wide array of complex emerging technology projects. Sutton works to develop whole system solutions to complex problems focused on modernization and digital services.

Digital Twins, Geospatial AI Help Bridge the Physical World and Digital World

Digital twins and AI analysis would offer significant benefits to organizations across all sectors. By providing a comprehensive look at a geographical area and its infrastructure and assets, these technologies will enable smarter and more targeted field planning optimization. It could help digitize field surveys, offer new levels of remote engineering access, and enable contact tracing around COVID-19.

The focus will continue to shift away from the data itself and towards its relationships. The connections between data are where the most powerful insights lie. With enough data points, organizations can look to analytics to better understand the context and “see” the future.

AI at scale and emerging data technologies truly illustrate this connectivity and potential. Although it’s an emerging field, the benefits are limitless.