About Clara Brenner and Julie Lein

Julie Lein and Clara Brenner are the Co-Founders of Tumml, an urban ventures accelerator with the mission of empowering entrepreneurs to solve urban problems.  A nonprofit, Tumml's goal is to identify and support the next generation of Zipcars and Revolution Foods. Through a customized, four month program, Tumml invites early stage companies into its office space to receive hands-on support, seed funding, and services to help grow their businesses and make significant impact on their communities.

Introducing the Next Wave of Urban Impact Entrepreneurs

How can we find more skilled trades workers to hire locally?  Or create a technology to fund the homeless and other neighbors in need?  Entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to tackle some of the toughest challenges plaguing cities.  In the former case, WorkHands...

Urban Impact Entrepreneurs Are Out There (Trust Us)

Urban innovation isn’t just coming from government or large companies.  There’s a real movement of entrepreneurs looking to solve problems in their own communities.  These urban impact entrepreneurs are creative and nimble – and have the ability to scale their...

Uncharted Territory: Urban Innovation and the Role of Government

We’ve all seen the headlines: Uber’s Taxi Services Shutting Down In NYC. Should Airbnb Be Regulated Out of Existence? With the rise of urban impact entrepreneurs – early stage companies developing consumer products and services that make urban living better – there...

Mobilizing Entrepreneurs To Make An Urban Impact

Having trouble finding a parking space?  San Francisco-based Park Please takes the AirBNB model and applies it to help frustrated city drivers find parking spaces. Longing for a coffee shop or organic food store in your neighborhood?  Washington, DC-based Popularise...

The Future of Cities

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