About Bern Grush, Chief Innovation Officer at Harmonize Mobility, Inc., and John Niles, Western Regional Director for Harmonize Mobility, Inc.

Bern Grush is the Chief Innovation Officer at Harmonize Mobility, Inc. He is an author, innovator, and entrepreneur in the fields of autonomous vehicles, parking reform, and road pricing. Bern is 25% Human Factors Engineer, 75% Systems Design Engineer and 100% dedicated to making sure we do not squander the opportunity to do good things for our cities and our planet when deploying autonomous vehicle technology.

John Niles is the Western Regional Director for Harmonize Mobility, Inc. and a Research Associate at Mineta Transportation Institute. He is currently engaged in developing practical tactics and strategy for melding transit-oriented development, commuter parking, automated vehicle deployment, HOV incentives, and traditional public transit into regional action plans that support sustainable mobility for economic growth and quality of life.

Cities Can Prepare for Autonomous Vehicles Now

Waiting for car manufacturers and ride-hail operators to decide the future of urban AV deployment will not create the cities that urban planners hope for, and often work very hard to make happen. While significant penetration of AVs — private or shared — is likely a decade or two away, deferring directional, optimization, and livability strategies will rob cities of flexibility, influence, and degrees of freedom within a decade.

If you believe AVs are coming eventually, the time to start getting ready is now, even if you believe human drivers will remain dominant for many decades. The steps outlined here are important support for the alternative to SOV, of expanding mobility-as-a-service such as Uber and Lyft.