Meeting of the Minds Speaker

Satoshi Nakajima

Founder and Chief Scientist

UIEvolution, Inc.

Satoshi is the Founder & CEO of UIEvolution Inc., a leading software company in connected car and connected places.

Satoshi was working for Microsoft in the 90s as a software architect in Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 3.0/4.0 projects (and he did the infamous integration of IE into Windows). After Microsoft, he founded UIEvolution Inc. in 2000 with the vision that "all devices around us will be connected to the Internet", before the word IoT existed.

While in college, Satoshi created the first CAD software for PC–Candy. Satoshi's first iPhone application, PhotoShare, was the most popular photo sharing application in 2008 and 2009, until Instagram took that title away in 2010.

As a software engineer, Satoshi has published several open source projects, including neunode (Node.js-compatible server on iOS), VideoShader (real-time video processing technology) and Swipe (a media-rich document format for touch-enabled devices).