Meeting of the Minds Speaker

Aarjav Trivedi

Founder & CEO


Aarjav Trivedi is the founder and CEO of RideCell.

RideCell customers include VTA in Silicon Valley, Southwest Transit in Minnesota, Google and other campus transit systems across the country, as well as international mobility services such as BMW ReachNow. Aarjav's work at RideCell is focused on helping these organization integrate ridesharing, carsharing and dynamic fixed-route along with traditional public and private mobility services into a fully integrated mobility as a service offering so that each service is cheaper to operate as a result and grows faster.

Prior to starting RideCell in 2008, Aarjav held R&D roles at McAfee. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, while earning which he failed his driving test 5 times and realized the true value of good public transit.

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