Unleashing Waze Data in 250 Cities Around the World

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

Waze is working with 250 partner cities and adding new partners at lightning speed. This data exchange partnership is changing the way cities develop policies, respond to crises, plan for new transit and mobility, and manage their spaces. With dozens of case studies in their pocket, Thais will share how Waze captures data previously unavailable, partners with cities, and unleashes mobility and infrastructure innovation in more than 250 cities around the world.

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Thais Blumenthal de Moraes, Global Business Development, Connected Citizens Program, Waze


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  1. How has Waze changed/improved since the acquisition by Google?

    • waze has remained fairly autonomous since the acquisition. and now we have access to resources to attract top talent

  2. How does Waze recommend that users provide info real time (in a manner that doesn’t create a safety risk)?

    • Hi Gary.
      Safety is the utmost mission for Waze as we work together with citizens to improve their time in the car. We were the first mobility app to block texting while driving for example. To get the best, and safest, experience from the app we encourage you to use our voice commands. More at our help center:

  3. How is Waze considering another element to Travel which is predictive safe routes? How safe is the road predictively based on past crashes weather patterns bridge safety etc? Connecting via data systems vs human systems

    • Hi Michele.
      Our partners are using our data in emergency response systems to get a better understanding of travel patterns and prepare their operations team in a more efficient manner

  4. How do cities become partners?


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