Smart Columbus: What Can We Learn?

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

The ‘Smart Columbus’ collaboration strategy has led to a $500M (and growing) Acceleration Fund, made up of aligned investment by the public and private sectors that will compliment, scale and sustain the initial DOT and Vulcan funding. What can we learn from the ‘Columbus Way’ of bringing public and private together, thereby turning very complicated partnerships into real partnership agreements. The focus of this session will be on identifying the key ingredients that enable a city to experiment and deliver on big ideas – something that few cities have been able to do.



Moderator: Paul  L. Wellener, IV, Managing Principal, Deloitte LLP, Northeast Ohio

Mike StevensChief Innovation Officer, City of Columbus

Mark PattonVice President, Smart Cities, Columbus Partnership

Julie Sloat, CEO, AEP Ohio


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  1. Mike,
    How has Columbus tried to understand what residents consider the most important smart city projects?


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