How Miami Has Come Out Ahead in the Transit Industry

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

The transit industry is notoriously behind in adopting cloud solutions and integrating next generation payment and applications for its riders. Yet Miami has consolidated its roads, transportation and public works departments in an effort to upgrade their system, move to the cloud, implement contactless payment and show how a city can change their governance model to make multi-modal transit easier for its residents. Hear from the three major partners – Cubic, Microsoft, and Miami-Dade County – on how they have implemented this multi-phase, rapid approach ahead of other US cities.



Moderator: Bill MitchelSenior Director, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft

Jannet Walker FordVice President & General Manager, Eastern Region, Cubic Transportation Systems

Carlos Cruz-CasasAssistant Director, Transportation Strategic Planning, Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works


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  1. How do you get Uber and lyft to be a part of the system?


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