Cities Getting it Right: Access to Transportation Choice

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

How are cities around the world solving their multi-modality challenges? In her work developing the Go Boston 2030 Plan, Alice Brown has looked into global best practices for how cities are moving towards a new transportation paradigm. Rather than frame transportation as a ‘mobility’ challenge, we should reframe it as an ‘accessibility’ challenge. Do residents have a range of options for accessing to jobs, housing, healthcare, family, services, parks, schools, childcare, and other essential services? How is access restricted by geography, infrastructure, cost, or information? In her current work expanding water transportation options for the people of Greater Boston and in her previous planning work, she has seen first-hand what it takes to get people to travel differently and what it takes to support behavior change.

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Alice BrownDirector of Water Transportation, Boston Harbor Now


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