Getting Ahead of AI for Smarter Cities

Oct 25, 2017

Session Description

This session will tackle the benefits and tradeoffs of AI for smart cities. Are we getting improved efficiency and becoming more effective with personalized products and services? What are the downsides? What biases are we bringing into our effort to create smarter cities? Is there a way to create a win-win? New research from Microsoft and McKinsey point to the fact that it is much more nuanced than we previously thought and we have a rare and limited opportunity to shape AI before it gets the better of us.


Moderator: Scott MauvaisDirector, Technology & Civic Innovation, Microsoft

Melanie Nutter, Principal, Nutter Consulting, LLC

Gabe BatstoneCo-Founder & CEO, Contextere


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  1. Gabe, What are the most difficult skill sets to locate when you’re hiring?

    • From a technology perspective finding machine learning experts is hard and competitive. As important though is making sure every employee is curious, creative and emphatetic.


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